You are currently viewing What is SEO? What it is and Why Should You Care?

What is SEO? What it is and Why Should You Care?

What is SEO? What it is and Why Should You Care?

SEO is a term that floods bloggers, digital marketers, and content creators like confetti. It may seem like a small thing that you can accomplish in just a few minutes, but in fact, this is one of the greatest tools you can use to gain the upper hand over the competition and completely improve your website!

What is SEO?

search engine optimization

SEO is signified as search engine optimization and is a procedure that can increase the natural search engine results of a website. It uses technical and creative elements to improve your ranking, increase traffic, and improve your position in search engines.

SEO entails everything from the words you post, the links you provide, to the keywords you dive into. It sounds like aplenty, but once you get into the mindset, it almost becomes an automated process!



Although you can use social media to attract traffic to your blog or website, social media can only attract an audience for a limited time. You want your website to last and last forever. Most people go to search engines instead of social media to search for answers, which is why you should also look at search engines when formatting posts.

If you have the right SEO, someone can search for ambiguous content such as “tags for your niche” and your website content can be displayed at the top of the page. It can attract thousands of visitors and pay more attention to your brand. This will also help improve your ranking, so when people search for content related to your topic, your content will pop up more often (sometimes at the top of the list).


improve seo

If you spend some time on SEO to get ads for free, why pay for ads? Here are some tips on the best way to use this life-changing tool:


Keywords are the king. When writing website content, you want to include relevant keywords that may be searched and found. For example, if you are looking for a finance book, you can search for “best finance book”.

If you want someone to find your finance book, please use the keywords available. The title may be “The Best Finance Books You Want on your year’s TBR list.” Then, you want to make sure that the keyword “best finance book” is in the first paragraph of the post. Then, make sure that the keyword is frequent used in the metadata, headings, and spread throughout the text.

In this way, you can cover all bases and are more likely to be discovered naturally based on keywords. If you want to understand the role of keywords in search engines, you can go to Google Keyword Planner and simply find a great keyword that can bring you the most traffic. (Hint: search for keywords with large search volume and low competition)


Try to focus on inserting at least one link per content. However, please do not use the word “click here”; write the name of the destination. “Click here” is of no value to search engines, while “Pigment Art Gallery” has some excellent keywords that can help to improve the ranking of your posts and the posts you link to in the search engines.


Yoast is an excellent SEO tool that can be used for your website. It is a plugin which you can easily install and use it to help optimize your website. It allows you to place focus keywords, add code snippets and titles, and it will notify you to know how strong it is for Google. Using the colors green (great SEO), yellow (Average), and red (Poor), you can see how each content of the website works and improve your SEO skills.

It’s your turn! Now, go to your website and update all SEO until it is spotless. SEO is something you shouldn’t let it slide-you need to test it and spend some quality time on it so visitors can find your content anytime, anywhere!

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