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What is digital marketing and why should you care?

What is digital marketing and why should you care?

What is digital marketing in a nutshell? The eras have changed, and even the way companies deal with customers has also changed. Traditional marketing has taken a step back and emerged in the industry. Our gradual desire and creative methods to make it a reality have taken many things into a different path. But not all traditional marketing strategies have disappeared, the current technology implemented by marketing experts is way more popular than we previously knew.

The Internet has changed the market. Digital marketing has become the criterion of successful business, and if you do not participate in it, your business will not grow in the future.

Digital marketing provides many chances and growth for businesses. It brings exposure and more sales. After all, your goal as a business owner is to increase profits. If you want to see business progress or increase sales, you must embark on this digital marketing journey.

There are a few types of digital marketing:

  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is a marketing strategy that will attract paid traffic to your corporate website. Every time an ad is clicked, the advertiser pays the published.

  • Social media

Involving platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. Companies use these platforms to promote their brands by creating valuable content. Business owners can also communicate with customers using these platforms.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is a digital marketing strategy that requires companies to focus on increasing their website rankings to increase their traffic. If your website ranks above Google’s SERP, the opportunity for its brand growth is sufficient.

  • Content marketing:

This is a strategy that enables companies to bring valuable content to customers instead of promoting products through sales pitching. This marketing focuses on value and creating creative contents that could attracts customers.

  • Video marketing:

 Video online publishing media is an effective marketing content that can bring more sales leads to your business. You can use video marketing in numerous ways to promote your brand, product or service. , You can show behind the scenes of the company, share stories and testimonials by your existing customers.

  • Email Marketing:

This is one of the oldest forms of digital marketing and has one of the highest return on investment (ROI). It involves by sending personalized emails to the targeted audiences or previous customers.

Why Should You Care About Digital Marketing?

Your customers are online 24/7

There are estimated of 5 billion Internet users in 2020. This number has increased to approximately 10% from January 2018. It can be seen that when you do digital marketing, more people will contact you. Your business needs exposure in order to have more sales leads, and online marketplaces are the best way to achieve this.

When people hear about your company, they want to learn more. They would definitely want to check your status online to know whether if you exists. If people can’t find any information about you from online, then you are likely to lose this opportunity from obtaining sales leads.


Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional marketing. If you are a company with limited resources, traditionally spending money on advertising will not be enough. Furthermore, it will be extremely expensive and time consuming especially when you wanted to print out flyers or brochures for your business.

However, with digital marketing, your small business can start the process immediately. You just need to do some research and then try any of the above types of digital marketing.


Many companies claim that online advertising, has a better ROI whether they are paid or free. It will brings a higher conversion rate or return on investment, because most of the customers are always online and they can see it from the online platforms. If you can know who your target audience is, then there’s a chance that you can develop a strategy to convert these potential customers into customers.


You are not alone in this industry as there will always be competitors who are far ahead than us. They will also built their own website online to bring more traffic to their website.

You can check the activities of competitors and pay attention to them. You can use what you know to develop better strategies to attract more customers to your website instead of competitors.

There are some online digital marketing tools available for marketing professionals to use on their online marketing platform. Some of these tools will assist companies to monitor their competitors. You will understand all the strategies they have implemented on the brand.

It is undeniable that digital marketing is an essential in today’s businesses for survival. If you want your business to grow, you need to expose your brand to a larger audience. At first, digital marketing may sound scary, but if you take the time to learn it, you will find that your company has great development potential. You can visit our pages for your business digital solutions or you can find the best digital companies for the Top Digital Agencies.