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Website Design and how to gain more sales with it

The Ecommerce industry has expanded rapidly throughout the years. However, that does not mean your eCommerce business will necessarily grow at the speed you’d like. Most businesses intend to grow their revenue fast no matter how lagging or simply okay the sales are.

An effective growth tool for an eCommerce business includes having a good website design. Every part of an Ecommerce business begins from their company’s logo to their website’s appearance and their marketing collaterals such as brochures, flyers, and their company profile. Therefore, everything must be designed nicely in order to fully maximize the user experience.

Here are the 4 ways to gain more sales with website design:

1. Improve your website loading speed

Your e-commerce business is only as strong as your website. If visitors encounter incompetent web designs and painfully slow loading speeds, they will leave before you have a chance to make suggestions. If your e-commerce website hosts data-intensive graphics and photos, its load time will be much longer than a stylish, simple-designed website with minimal graphics. The point here is not to start from electronic Eliminate photos and graphic elements in business website design.

The course is to use design elements wisely to generate the greatest impact and faster loading speed
Many e-commerce stores have many photos. Make sure to reduce the size of your photo files as much as possible while maintaining high quality. The clever and deliberate use of colors, white space, and text can go a long way. Just add some minimal brand-specific graphic elements and you can create a website that is pleasant to browse.

Also, when working with your website designer, be sure to inform that fast loading speed is a top priority. You can use free tools like Pingdom to test the load time of average users by location. Some of the other tools you might use can be google page speed and gmterix

2. Target existing customers through remarketing ads and email campaigns.

Selling to existing customers is more cost-effective than obtaining new customers. If you want to grow your e-commerce business quickly, you can focus some of your marketing efforts on getting repeated sales from current customers. Two great strategies for interacting with existing customers are remarketing ads and email campaigns.

Google’s remarketing ads target users who have already visited your website. This means that people who receive these ads may be the most responsive to your message because they have found your company on their own.

Eye-catching advertising design in the brand will also keep the business fresh in your customer’s mind. Combined with eye-catching design and valuable offers, repeat customers will flock to take advantage of your website. You may also want to consider contacting previous customers via email campaigns. An email is still an efficient tool for contacting customers, especially those who are proficient on the Internet, obsessed with smartphones, and love online shopping.

So please discard away from your pride and make it crystal clear that you miss them and want to see them again. You can share your message in a nicely designed email template so that you will attract more interest.

3. Restore abandoned shopping carts to boost sales.

For every e-commerce store, the shopping cart is the last obstacle between potential customers and sales. Moreover, abandoning the shopping cart is a problem faced by all e-commerce companies. Customers fill their shopping carts but the items will then disappear quickly.
There are many reasons for abandoning a shopping cart: for example, shipping prices fluctuate, a confusing checkout process, and the usage of a shopping cart as storage for later purchases.

However, a great website design can help you drive almost all of your sales to actual sales. It is recommended that you first check the design of the shopping cart for the following issues:

• Is it confusing?
• Are there too many steps to complete?
• Is loading too slow?
• Is the process faulty or troublesome

You must invite countless people to review your checkout process. When reviewing the process, you need to track the problems you find. Even a small hassle can drive some customers away. Moreover, these inconveniences are your guide for improvement. . You can redesign your shopping cart interface to eliminate the friction points found.

Remember, simplicity is better than complexity and, transparency is better than mystery.
Customers will also be happy to know where they are during the check-out process and there are many things to do. Ingenious design can improve the user experience, which can attract “almost” these shoppers to loyal customers, which will quickly develop your e-commerce business.

4. Provide social proof to build customer confidence.

People are social beings. We all want to belong to ourselves and seeing other people share some kind of opinion will encourage us to share this kind of opinion too. When designing your e-commerce website, make sure to leave room for customer reviews and comments.

Recommendations and reviews show that other people have walked in front of you and are happy for what they have done, which gives new customers the confidence to try. You can keep in mind some design considerations when adding comments on your website:

• Place testimonials in a prominent place. They are obscured by your call to action but should be easy to spot.
• You can also include a picture of the quoted customers if it’s possible but always do get their permission first. This helps to build customer’s trust when they see a real person with quotes.
• Make sure to choose a testimonial font that is easy to read. Fancy is fun – but simple and easy to understand is better.

Another great way to show social proof is to include a “bestseller” section. Not everyone who visits your website knows exactly what they are looking for. If your company sells a variety of products, it can be overwhelming, especially for new customers.

When someone stumbles across your website, you should attract them to use the most popular products. The bestseller section must be easy to find and browse-and visually integrate with your overall web design

Therefore, do not blindly design and create eye-catching and practical websites. Work with your web designer and graphic designer to find the best way to execute these strategies for your business. Then, let the order enter! We are happy to start!

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